Greyshadow is
Gregor Wessely.

His music is about variety: Featuring different musical facets from dreamy-indie to pop and spanning the gaps between the past and the modern, he stands out with individuality.

Greyshadow - Gregor Wessely

The guitars are haunted by extensive synth-sections, reminiscent of the 80s, while simultaneously striving for the present. At times, the drums are a constant pulse in the background, pushing the energy of the song, while at others they bow to an infinite weightlessness, that pervades many of his sounds.

Songs can start off with a sense of light-heartedness, even giddiness but the sorrow is not far behind as the melancholy seeps through and ultimately saturates the lyrics.

Drawn from his own experiences Greyshadow paints a picture of forlornness, loneliness and alienation emphasized by his distinctive and powerful yet contemplative voice. At the heart of his lyrics lies true honesty, reflecting his endeavor of seeking connections.

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